What is Sexual Addiction?

Sexual addiction is a disorder in which compulsive sexual behavior governs the addict's life and interferes with normal living. The addict is not the only one affected, as severe stress is put on loved ones and friends as well. With studies showing that between 3 and 6 percent of Americans deal with some form of the disorder, sex addiction is a very real problem.

Common behaviors of a sex addict include, but are not limited to, compulsive masturbation, compulsive sexual relationships, prostitution, anonymous sexual encounters and frequent use of pornography. Only a mental health professional can diagnose a sexual addiction, but if any of these behavior patterns are present in your own life or the life of someone you love, you should seek help from a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT®). It is possible to take your life back and get freedom from a sexual addiction.

The International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) is an organization that facilitates training of addiction practitioners by providing certification and resources. It is one of the most trusted organizations in the field of addiction recovery and helps set the standard of excellence in treatment. IITAP gives those struggling with sexual addiction or compulsive behavior access to the help they need to begin their journey to recovery. Visit IITAP's website for more resources and to test for sex addiction.